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Spring 2020 - Present

Sustainable Education is a project team at Cornell University that is entirely led by undergraduate and graduate students. The team focuses on designing sustainable schools in international developmental contexts. Previously, the team has worked on projects in South Africa, Ghana, and India, and we are currently working on a design of dormitories in Mude, Nepal. The project is still in a schematic phase, but we are constantly communicating with our stakeholder and amongst our team to deliver the best project possible. One of our most ambitious goals for the team is to achieve Living Building Challenge certification. For this, I have worked as a materials specialist to come up with sustainable architectonic material solutions. From analyzing vernacular architecture in Nepal, to developing schematic wall sections, the project inhabits a space of flux between research and design. This semester, we look forward to producing construction documents, visualizations, and large scale models to move the project beyond its current schematic phase.

Click here to visit the Sustainable Education website.

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