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Design III - Fall 2020

This project is a site model for Carved by the Sun and models an area in Fall Creek Gorge in Ithaca, New York. Informed by previous studies of the site, this site model interprets a monolithic gorge to be carved by the moments of the sunset. The site model is a high resolution depiction of the cliff face of the gorge, depicted by a series  of  striated radial cuts, mimic the light  conditions of  the gorge. These cuts are made laterally, producing a stacked logic that  is  highly similar to the shale cliffs in the site. The bridge is  braised metal, while the Carl Sagan house is represented through poured concrete. Careful attention is put towards representing all qualities of the site through authentic materials, revealing a site that is formally interpretive but materialistically, captures the reality of the gorge. At 1/16” = 1’ scale, the model expresses in fine detail how the site actually feels.

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