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Austin is a passionate multi-disciplinary designer pursuing his Bachelors of Architecture at Cornell University. Currently a fourth year student, he has experience in nearly every area of the architectural design process, from preliminary schematic design to experience constructing buildings. With particular interest in sustainable design, Austin has a fluid approach to architecture as a way to advance and improve the lives of human beings and the ecology of the planet. Specifically, Austin finds the use of technology inherent towards the advancement of architectural design, and wants to push the boundaries of material fabrication, and reclamation processes. His areas of design interest revolve around the intersection between materials, adaptive reuse, and social justice. He has a particular love for making things, and this passion helps bridge the gap between the theoretical research and the physical product. He worked with Barkow Leibinger in Berlin, Germany and Studio Christian Wassmann in New York. Austin is currently based in Rome, Italy, studying at CornellAside from architecture, writing, painting, drawing, furniture construction make up Austin's creative life.


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